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About Spark Motion.

Efficiency is a word that all coaches and sports performance specialist strive to teach their athletes. Spark Motion is an easy-to-use, cost effective tool, which allows coaches to identify energy leakages and inefficiencies in their athletes in a truly authentic environment. Spark Motion provides objective concise data immediately to the coach and athlete.


Athlete Connection

The Athlete Connection is a non-profit 501(c) organization with purpose of helping student athletes continue their college education The Athlete Connection is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing high school athletes with an equal opportunity to gain access to a college education. The Athlete Connection focuses heavily on athletes who wish to pursue collegiate athletics but were unable to receive scholarships. As is usually the case for most programs, scholarships are only awarded for those in financial need and for academic achievement. There has been a growing number of students who fall into a gray zone between not qualifying for financial aid and yet still too fiscally strained to afford to go to college. Again this presents another hurdle for a large group of athletes, many of whom feel that there are very few options for attending the college of their choice. The Athlete Connection offers a means that can effectively overcome these financial hurdles. In addition, it allows sponsors/donors to participate in this endeavor by funding scholarships to help kids of various socio-economic tiers to choose their appropriate school, offering both a college education and athletic career.

Sponsors/Donors will set individual criteria for scholarship selection and award and individual educational cost deferment (i.e. Sponsor/ Donors can contribute to the types of scholarships—need based, sports based, career based, type of study, etc.), while the Athlete Connection will execute and manage the entire scholarship program. The Athlete Connection uses ISTC (International Scholarship and Tuition Services) online program management system For more details please visit http://athleteconnection.com/about-us/

Perform Better has emerged as not only the leader in Functional Training equipment and training innovation, but as a leader in education as well. They continue to strive to provide the most knowledgeable sales staff in the industry to ensure their customers receive the very best sales support and customer service. Whether it’s speed and agility products, flooring and turf, or weight training equipment, Perform Better can help with any job, big or small. 
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