Athletic Standard is proud to work with these and other respected teams, sports organizations and schools.

  • vern-gambetta

  • “I am very excited to begin using Athletic Standard.This is a tool that I think will significantly improve my coaching by enabling me to better analyze my testing data. This is a system that offers unlimited potential to improve coaching.”

    Verne Gambetta – Gambetta Sports Training System

What Else is Being Said About AS

Our coaches and clients in their own words

  • chuck2

  • I have been using Athletic Standards WIN program for the last three months. It provides us with an organized, user friendly method of compiling countless hours of data. It has been an easy way to get all of our testing data to our coaches virtually in an instant. I am looking forward presenting all of the incredible features to all of our athletes and coaches here at FAU

    Chuck Lobe – Director – Strength & Conditioning, FAU – Florida Atlantic University

  • David W. Gottfeld CAFS, FAFS, MATS

  • Athletic Standard has designed and developed a software solution that allows busy coaches to organize and quantify their athletes programs with a touch of a button. We are honored to work with Athletic Standard and can’t wait to see what the future holds.

    David W. Gottfeld CAFS, FAFS, MATS – President and Founder, Spark Motion

  • Daimond Dixon

  • Athletic Standard was an absolute must for our sports program! Not only was it a completely user friendly system, by the analysis and feed back it provide helped us to tailor or training towards the needs of our athletes. Athletic Standard will take your teams to the next level in performance!”

    Daimond Dixon – Director of Sports Performance, Grand Rapids Christian HS

  • adam2

  • At the college level, I believe Athletic Standard has the potential to become a future staple of the way recruiting evaluations are conducted. Given the revenue at stake in today’s climate of college athletics, programs cannot afford to miss out on the accuracy and reliability of Athletic Standard’s data. Not only does it have the potential to save universities “Programs cannot afford to miss out on the accuracy and reliability of Athletic Standard’s data” significant travel costs but it also possesses a direct correlation to a coaching staff’s ability to evaluate prospects, and consequently assemble the best team possible.

    Adam Finklestien – Founder & Editor, New England Recruiting Report

  • Mariusz-Wartalowicz200

  • Athletic Standard is exactly what we have been looking for many years in terms of identifying and pre-screening athletically gifted specimens for our handball oriented evaluations to further filter down the field of candidates to athletes with high aptitude for fast track development.

    Mariusz Wartalowicz – Technical Director, USA Team Handball National Team

  • steve-gibbs22


  • Athletic Standard is going to revolutionize the youth athletic market with their testing. If an athlete is looking for a recruiting edge then Athletic Standard is a must.

    Steve Gibbs – Owner, Hoop Mountain Basketball