NFL Has A Crisis On Its Hands

Updated: December 23, 2013
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Football is a contact sport, collision sport and modern day gladiator spectacle. The Cowboys stadium is the modern day equivalent of the Roman coliseum.Trying to put the NFL’s injury rate in perspective with any other modern spor tis next to impossible. With over 15% of the league suffering season ending  injuries the NFL has a big problem. Forget the obvious issues of player safety and long term health concerns.The league is going to have to come up with a solution to this problem quickly.

Unconventional Roster Expansion

Whether it’s expanding the 53 man roster or restructuring the practice squad or removing the trade deadline, something has to give. Teams must anticipate and plan for effective integration of replacement players as a rule more than the exception. Unfortunately, like any commodity the amount of talent a NFL player possesses is scarce. Even if teams have the option to trade for impact players, there still is a limited supply. Without question the move to protect the long-term health of the players has created a crisis to the daily health of the league.

Eventually what gets diluted will dissolve

fail-xfl-blimpJust like the fall of Rome, the NFL has entered the most dangerous time in its history. While profits are at an all time high, the mighty establishment is beginning to crack. Top caliber players that would once sit out a game or two due to a concussion, are sidelined for the entire season.With the Pop Warner association reporting a 10% drop in enrollment, the youth pipeline of the future is clearly shrinking (1). Eventually this volatility among the elite players and a shrinking pipeline will result in one thing, dilution. Leagues that lack star power and jaw dropping performances day in day out will flounder. Don’t believe me? Name 10 active WNBA players? If that doesn’t sit well with some readers, then how about explaining what happened with the XFL? The fact of the matter is modern football, as we know it comprised of freak athletes that put their bodies on the line, in exchange for big paychecks. If either the quality of athletes diminishes or checks get smaller, the NFL may be in jeopardy as we know it.


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