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Updated: November 7, 2014
Anthony Davis

Today I want to tip my hat to Anthony Davis.  He just announced for the 2014 year that he gained even more muscle during the off season. At the age of 21 he understands that he needs to build muscle to protect himself from the grind of playing basketball over a long career.  More athletes need to follow his lead in the off-season and prepare their bodies for next season. Remember he started this trend way before he entered the league.


In 2010 Anthony was 6’9” weighing approximately 187lbs.  For that height he was extremely lite but he gained weight all the way until his draft day in 2012 weighing in at 222lbs.  What he did is exactly what he is doing now. Protecting his investment, his body!  During the off-season he worked out with a trainer instead of going to another camp or tournament.


In June of 2014 it was reported that Anthony was up to 238lbs, which is 8lbs up from the start of the 2013-2014 season.  It is also rumored that at the start of the season he is 15lbs up all gained during the off season.  That’s approximately 6 months to execute his program, to gain that usable 15lbs.   This is very important to add that muscle to his frame to make sure that he doesn’t breakdown over the season but to also help his stat line.  A big miss conception that basketball players have is that if they lift or gain muscle they won’t be as affective on the court. As you can see this is disproven by checking out Anthony’s stats the two years he has been in the league. His FG% is up, FT% has gotten better and he recorded 16 more Double Doubles.


Most athletes have done this during the off season but none have been in the news more about it then Anthony Davis.  I hope young athletes everywhere look at him as an example and use the off season to get bigger, faster and stronger instead of just working on their shot or playing in tournaments. Protecting your “house” for your long season and career is much more important.



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    November 9, 2014 at 11:42 pm

    Looking for information on basketball and tennis camps

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