What does it take to play in the NFL

Updated: December 17, 2013

NFL Players are very athletic people… really athletic.  While players come in all shapes and sizes, they all posses one common trait.  All NFL players regardless of their position posses the ability to generate devastating power production, even the kickers.  What many athletes and nfl fanatics forget is that athletiscm is relative.  NFL Agents should take this into account when evaluating players, because this power production is the most dependant factor in athletic talent identification.

You must be outlier

Every NFL prospect was an outlier at one point and those that can see through the data and find the critical insights will benefit immensely. The NFLs future all pro’s are all around us and are able to be detected starting around 5 years old.  Both the short term and long term strategy to develop successful player is marring  athletic talent with equally exceptional coaching.


You don’t need 10,000 hours

If this year’s past draft was any indication of the future of the NFL, we are headed for international expansion. The fact that ezikal asanah was drafted top 5 in the 2013 NFL Draft, over the tens of thousands college players should be a wake up call. With less than four years of formal football instruction teams are beating on his natural hardware. Especially, with the rise of injuries highly athletic coachable athletes will be must to fill mid season roster spots.  Just ask the Colts, Daniel Adongo is expected to start this weekend and just a few months ago he didn’t know how to put on his uniform. Will he be wearing a gold coat in Canton, only time will tell. However, a well rested 11’6 broad jumping, 265 lb Manster is the last thing the Bengals wanted to see this past weekend.  


In less than months of training Carlin was able to compete on the world stage

Location, Location, Location

Your geography means everything. Every football staff will tell you they don’t have enough time. As a result in the US there are several key collection points where coaches look for future talent.  Talent Identification consists on relaying a predominantly word of mouth network of time test alliances between college coaches and those that work with in the trenches with the youth.  With the recent spike in injuries and return to play protocols at both the college and professional leagues talent scouts will be forced to go off the beaten path to find new players that fly under the radar.





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