What Every Agent Needs To Know About Sports Performance

Updated: December 17, 2013
Vertical Jump

- All strength coaches are not created equal

- how not get fooled by the hype

- combine training is results driven


Football is quickly moving towards becoming a data driven sports market. Companies such as hudl and sports vu have revolutionized the game.  Coaches can now distribute and disseminated information with ease of any corporate CEO.  However, the most critical component of the game, the body and how it’s trained hasn’t.  There are literally hundreds of “certifications” that claim to qualify an individual as capable of being able to train an individual.  Some of the old football traditions die hard and that means huge opportunities for agents. Understanding how to read, interpret and develop an action plan for an athlete could make you millions. heres what you need to know


All Strength coaches aren’t created equal

What most people don’t know  is that unlike Doctors like Athletic Trainers, a strength and conditioning coach isn’t required. Legally, anyone can train athletes and claim to be an expert. This is often a second career for former players that enjoyed working out, and claim their experience as a player is more important than any degree. This is like saying a former astronaut is qualified to be a mechanic on a space shuttle when their flying days are over. Make no question about it, a great strength coach is a glorified plumber, electrician and software programmer.  When strength coaches claim to work on “mental toughness” and “heart” that should be a red flag.  You as the NFL agent have every right to outline a very specific  and objective training goals for your client.


How not to get fooled by the hype

Every state is filled with dozens of “combine guys”.  More often than not it’s a very small clique of good o’l boys that have “been doing this forever”. The other money pit is,  the so called training academies which are glorified vacations.  Whether it’s a training chain or a local guy that is just really good at what they do, everything should be measured by performance. This is true not only for combine prep for the duration of your clients training career.  Every dollar spent on training should have a measurable return.  There is no difference between selecting the right hedge fund manager an selecting your strength coach for your players

Players over time

(Everyone is better than when they started)

Combine Training is Results Driven

As an agent it is important to know which combine tests are most likely to impact your bottom line. Trying to work on everything in 12 weeks will produce mediocre results at best. If you are representing a wide receiver you ought to be more concerned with improvement of their 5-10-5 shuttle time vs bench press. Conversely, if you represent a lineman know the importance of their 10 yard dash time vs 40.  Like any type of investing knowing the critical variables that impact your investment’s value is key to developing a long-term success track.


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