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  • Making Happy Clients Through Data Tracking

    I read a great article today by Jonathan of Personal Trainer Development Center about tracking your clients. It is so true that when someone comes to your doors of business you are not just selling your services but you are selling yourself, dedication and time.  Making that connection with someone is important because as we all […]

  • Epic Athletic Performance Strength Disk

    Product Review:  The Epic Athletic Performance Strength Disk, developed 33 years ago, is now available online.  Coaches, Personal Trainers, PE Teachers and anyone who is looking to create exercise routines for their weight room can access the strength disk from any computer. Users can generate individual lifting programs for athletes, clients, or students. It offers a pre-loaded exercise routine or […]

  • The Truth About Strength And Conditioning Coach Certifications

    Strength and conditioning certifications are like any other certification, diploma, or professional achievement: some are badges of honor, some don’t mean much, and some are downright fraudulent. Which certifications matter when you are evaluating a strength and conditioning coach? The Right Kind Of Coach The first thing to look for is the type of certification […]

  • Find A Strength And Conditioning Coach For Your Goals

    If you’ve decided to look for professional help to enhance your athletic development, you’ll need to shop around. Strength and conditioning coaches are like doctors – they may have the same basic training, but they are highly specialized. You need to choose a strength and conditioning coach that will help you achieve your specific goals. […]