Epic Athletic Performance Strength Disk

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The Epic Athletic Performance Strength Disk, developed 33 years ago, is now available online.  Coaches, Personal Trainers, PE Teachers and anyone who is looking to create exercise routines for their weight room can access the strength disk from any computer. Users can generate individual lifting programs for athletes, clients, or students. It offers a pre-loaded exercise routine or the capability of designing custom workouts.

The strength disk was developed in the Nebraska weight room in 1980 by Mike Arthur, Assistant Strength Coach under Boyd Epley and is arguably the first software to generate individual lifting workouts for groups of athletes. It saved countless hours for the weight room staff, yet printed an individual lifting programs for each athlete with incredible efficiency.  Sold under Boyd Epley’s Husker Power label, it helped thousands of coaches develop highly effective individual lifting programs for weight rooms across the country. Coaches were able to take advantage of the knowledge and success of the Nebraska strength and conditioning program and staff.  The preloaded husker power exercise routine, taken from Boyd Epley’s book “The Path to Athletic Power”, includes an exercise routine for both In-Season and Off-Season workouts.  Custom programs can be designed adding or changing exercises, loads, cycles, or workouts.  For $99 per year, coaches can create an unlimited number of individual lifting programs. Using the Strength Disk Online is like having an assistant working for you in your weight room.

In 1969 Boyd Epley became the first paid Strength and Conditioning Coach at a university.  Hired at Nebraska by Bob Devaney and endorsed by then Assistant Coach Tom Osborne, Boyd Epley commandeered a program that produced strong well- conditioned athletes who won five National football titles.  Epley and his innovative staff were always searching for ways to become better and incorporated scientific principles, testing and equipment design into the program.The Husker Power label became EPIC Athletic Performance when Epley retired from Nebraska.

The purpose of EPIC Athletic Performance is to help evaluate and improve athletic performance. EPIC Athletic Performance sells many of the original products Husker Power label did. The Husker Power label and Epic Athletic Performance was based off developing proven individual lifting programs that work for anyone committed to them.  EPIC athletic performance strives to keep their products affordable for everyone. You can find more about EPIC Athletic Performance at www.epicathletic.com and www.epicstrengthindex.com.  For more information about Boyd Epley and Husker Power history, go to www.boydepley.com.

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