Making Happy Clients Through Data Tracking

I read a great article today by Jonathan of Personal Trainer Development Center about tracking your clients. It is so true that when someone comes to your doors of business you are not just selling your services but you are selling yourself, dedication and time.  Making that connection with someone is important because as we all know it takes 10x more effort to obtain a client then to keep one you already have if they are happy. Just like Jonathan’s sheet, which tracks more personal information, here is a couple ways our WIN program can help you keep track of your clients and keep them happy.

You can read his full article by clicking here.


1)      Keep them updated on improvements – Most clients will see me once to twice a week and they all have busy lives outside the gym.  Being able to send them email updates of their progress will not only help them monitor their gains but show that you take the extra step to keep them informed.

2)      Tracking Improvements with simple graphs – Sometimes numbers are confusing but graphs are easy to understand.  By graphGraphing Dataing increases and sharing their results with them, clients will not only feel better but they will understand what progress they have made.

3)      Leaderboards – Leaderboards are a simple and effective way to motivate groups or teams.  The reason Crossfit caught on so quickly isn’t because of the lifting techniques but because of the pack mentality.  Leaderboards create healthy competition while encourage group bonding.

4)      Staying Organized – I can’t count the times that I have miss places or lost excel sheets on my desk and on my computer.  It seems like these things love to hide.  Web base programs help you not only to organize your information on your clients but help keep our desk a little less cluttered. Also, if you ever forget your password you have someone on the other side to help you out.


Tracking and displaying information is going to be the next evolution in strength and conditioning.  We have all done it throughout the years, probably using Excel, but now taking advantage of cloud based systems we are able to do more with what we are recording while keeping our clients happy.

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