More Efficient Team Management With The Athletic Standard Index

As a coach, you’re constantly searching for ways to improve both efficiency and results. You want to spend more time on the things that count, and you want more wins, better individual performances, and the trophies and medals that come with all of it.

Where Are You Wasting Time?

The two main areas where coaches wasted time are recruiting and depth chart selection. Both share the same challenge: filtering a large group of athletes down to the few that will generate the best results.

Use A Magnet, Not A Magnifying Glass

Most coaches get stuck in the trap of talent identification rather than talent exclusion. What’s the best way to find a needle in a haystack? Use a magnet. You are probably looking for an elite few athletes among hundreds, or even thousands. Your time is best spent evaluating the “intangibles” like drive, motivation, and coachability. Evaluate athletic ability with a simple set of measures that will function like a magnet for those needles in the haystack.

Be A Banker, Not A Doctor

It’s a doctor’s job to understand the exact details of physical performance. As a coach evaluating athletic talent, you’d be better served thinking like a banker. What does that mean? What is the first thing a banker wants to know before you get a loan? Your credit score! A simple, commonly and instantly understood measure of your worth. That’s the banker’s filter, the magnet that quickly draws out candidates worth pursuing. Apply this principle to your athletic talent evaluation, and you’ll exponentially increase your speed.

The Athletic Standard Index is one way to quickly quantify true athletic ability and power.

graph_bigMine The Data

Are you using an efficient system to manage your training room measurements? Can you easily connect them to on-field results? It might be time to ditch the clipboard or clumsy Excel spreadsheets. A true athletic data management system – like Athletic Standard’s WIN (free to try!) – will show you the insights that will turn your data into the fuel for your team management approach, and generate next-level performance from your athletes.

Here’s some footage of Carlin Isles, a player who crossed over from more traditional sports to USA Rugby based on pure athletic power:


USA Rugby has a motto: “You can’t tackle what you can’t catch.” This speaks to the role that true, raw athletic power plays in on-field success. If the entire team – with all of their years of skill development – was as powerful as Carlin, wouln’t you expect a quantum leap in results? 99% of the time elapsed during a season happens off the field. Skill development often takes years to show significant progress, and your time is more likely better spent developing pure athleticism – especially since athleticism can affect the pace of skill development  If you have a clear, simple way to measure athletic power, you’ll do a better job of orienting your team management processes and training programs toward it.

A system like WIN will have custom graphing features that make it really easy to see the connection between measures of athleticism and on-field results:

For more on connecting the data dots, keep your eyes on this blog for more. And it’s easy to try a system like WIN – sign up free!

Do you agree or disagree with our take on the connection between power and skill, between athleticism and on-field performance? Do you take it into account in team management? Give us a piece of your mind in the comments.

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