Talent Identification System.

  • With millions of athletes around the world engaged in some sort of sport, the AS Index allows you to have access to a global talent pool in the palm of your hand. Let our knowledgeable staff assist you in putting together your best team yet.

    AS Talent Identification staff can assist in processing readily available physical metrics from around the globe and analyze players via our talent identification algorithm.

  • Talent Identification - Better Athletes Equal Better Results

Understanding the real time global availability of talent is key to making good decisions in your roster management system.

AS is able to create a digital proto-type of the ideal athlete a client would need per position. Clients can then match their existing rooster statistics against digital prototype metrics in order to access strengths and weaknesses of their existing team.

While starting players are often easier to identify, championship teams rely heavily on contributions from their bench. Understanding the strengths and needs of your existing team as well as having reliable data on global talent gives AS clients a decisive edge over their competition.

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