AS Virtual Assistant

Want to shave hours from your workweek?

Why not utilize our Athletic Standard Virtual Assistant Service?

Our Virtual Assistants are experts in inputting, maintaining and analyzing your data in the WIN platform. Your time is valuable and no task is too small or too large for our virtual assistants.

Database entries:

Whether it’s a slew of new statistics or data points you want to upload into your WIN system or updated information for existing information, all of these are suitable task for our virtual assistants. You can customize what information you want uploaded, whether newly generated or multiple years archived in different format (including hand-written data, that needs manually inputted)

  • Data Analysis and Presentations:

    Turning raw data into a clear presentation or summarizing research findings can be a huge timesaver for you. Use our Virtual Assistants to customize your preferred results into graphs, charts, reports, etc.

    Database Customization:

    Do you have customized fields or testing you would like to track in WIN? Why not have a Virtual Assistant create the look and feel within WIN that you prefer?

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